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Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Episode 1

01 02 03

Title: Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! (がくえんゆーとぴあ まなびストレート!)

Creators: unfotable, Tartan Check

Main Website:

Episode One: 学美星人、あらわる (Here comes the Manabian)

Opening Theme: A Happy Life by Megumi Hayashibara

Ending Theme: Lucky & Happy by Megumi Hayashibara

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My blog is done, however due to the arrival of Chinese New Year, I won’t be able to blog anything substantial for the time being… >.> So please bear with me until I can get back to normal life. Thank you very much for reading this! XD

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About Takoyaki Rabu~

Its one of the few Japanese snacks I love. Hence the name.



Getting to the gist of things, I don’t watch anime 24/7, I don’t do ratings when I do my summaries too, cause each person’s view of one thing is different to another. It’s still better to watch and see it for yourself.

On Anime: I watch more shounen then shoujo. Though I love the occational cutesy fluffy kinds. Please don’t tell me that I as a girl/woman/crazy teenager should watch more shoujo. I’ll ONLY watch Shoujo if it has ALOT of humour in it… eg. Ouran Koukou Host Club and Nodame Cantabile. Unfortunatly, I watch SUBS. My Japanese is not that fantastic to understand most of the dialog yet.

On Manga: Same as Anime, I own more shounen manga than shoujo. I’ll probably do whole manga reviews from scans and my own collection. Most of my manga are in chinese, a few titles are in english.

On J-Doramas: I’ve just started to watch these. My criteria is, if the drama is good, just watch it.

On Figurines: To you tell the truth, I only own ONE model, which is the Megahouse Eureka seveN Eureka model. I’m only getting another model by the month of July ‘07 which is the most anticipated model everyone is pre-ordering for. The Max Factory Suzumiya Haruhi model. That would be probably the only other model I’ll get unless the Max Factory Yuki one lives up to her name. Photos will be added after I take the time to create a photo box and steal borrow a real good camera.

On Games: I LOVE RPGS. ’nuff said. I also love games like Katamari Damacy. I salute Rockstar Games and am too poor to afford a PS3 at the momen (Darn you Grand Theft Auto 4!!!DX)

On Japanese Culture: I’ve just completed Level 1 of Japanese learning at the John Horwood Learning Centre at The Universtiy of Melbourne. I probably won’t be doing any more until the middle of ‘07 as deciding to NOT overload made be a very sad person. I absolutly adore Japanese food and finally learnt how to make soba sauce and sushi rice. I also plan to travel to Japan in the near future. =D

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