Genshiken OVA Episode 13

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Title: Genshiken ‘The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture’ (げんしけん ‘現代視覚文化研究会’)

Creators: Kio Shimoku, Ajia-do

Main Website:

Episode Thirteen: オタクが嫌いな荻上です (I’m the Otaku-Hating Oguire)

Opening Theme: 青春として (Seishun to Shite) by manzo

Ending Theme: びいだま (Biidama) by Atsumi Saori

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The new school term has started for the Genshiken club, with Madarame Harunobu and Sasahara Kanji wondering about whether there would be any new members for the club. After changing the old Kujibiki Unbalance posters with the new ones, a very creepy looking Kuchiki Manabu comes into the room in his persuit of knowledge for fighting games when in fact, was waiting for Kasukabe Saki (with Kōsaka Makoto) so that he could join the Genshiken.

After spending awhile in the club room, the gang is shocked to see a girl from the manga club jump through a window from the second floor. This turns out to be Ogiue Chika who has a problem with otakus, even more with female ones. Ōno Kanako tries to justify no woman would hate homos while Saki tells Ogiue that her attitudes mimics an otaku. Once again the abuse falls on Kuchiki.

The next day, Ōno tries to bring out the true nature (liking yaoi) in Ogiue by placing yaoi doujinshi all over the table, while hiding in another room with Madarame, Tanaka Sōichirō and Sasahara. However Saki comes in without warning, only to place Ōno in a predicament in which she has no choice but to go to the club room. Meanwhile, Saki and Ogiue talk about the complexcities of why female otakus have a liking towards yaoi. While the both of them talk, Ōno gets annoyed as she is left out of the conversation and finally decides to go to the club room.

Tension builds up when Ōno enters the room with her trying to get Ogire to show her true self with a fight of words and doujinshi shoving. After much fighting, Kuchiki arrives. He shows them a handphone picture of Ogire lining up at a Scram Dunk (Slam Dunk) yaoi event. Ogire, embarrassed with the revelation, tries to jump out of the club window while Ōno is pleased with her findings.

My Opinions:

I LOVE Genshiken since the first season and have been patiently waiting for the OVA to come out, and finally it has! =D This is the same team who animated Kujibiki♥Unbalance 2006, eventhough their art style is different from the other group who did the TV series. The original seiiyus were used for the OVA, which is good as the characters are kept the same way in terms of voices, I’ve even rewatched the TV series and read the manga to recall the story line and hear how the characters are like.

Personally I was very pleased with the way Ogire is portrayed and her seiiyu is the perfect match (Mizuhashi Kaori) for her. Hopefully we can get to see more of Ogire in the next two episodes, though it would be hard to compress the rest of the manga story line into 2 remaining episodes, unless the producers wern’t planning to show all of it. But it doesn’t matter, cause I have the manga and I love it to bits! The produces certainly brought out the humour and jokes portrayed in the manga very well too.

If I had to recommend an anime and manga series, this would be one of them. GO WATCH IT!!! EMBRACE YOUR OTAKUNESS! Eventhough I believe myself not to be that much of an otaku. Maybe I should talk about how much of an otaku I am (I’m thinking 30%-40%). =D


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