Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Episode 2

Episode 2: まっすぐでゴー (Forward Go!)

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Manabi gets ready for school, and gives her brother a rather big shock.

She then leaves for school, greeting Mei on the way and trys to get Mikan to pose her signature Massugu GO!, which fails due to Mikan’s embarrassment. The both of them try clean up the Student Council Office as Aikoh’s Student Council President was planning to visit them. After a whole day or cleaning, both Manabi and Mikan couldn’t get anything done, or rather they made more mess then they could clean. Mutsuki visits them after her sports club activities, which did not help much. Mei planned to see how they were coping, only to be dragging in by Mutsuki. With no excuse to leave, Mei helps out by executing a plan through ‘ORDER’ (SQL anyone?) and tells the gang how to do a proper clean up. Though she still issn’t used to being around Manabi and company.

The following day, the gang managed clean up the place and gather up anything that was sellable and set up a mini bazaar, selling everything for 50 yen. Momo first visits, which results in everyone else joining in. Although the rest of the teachers object to the Student Councils’ activity, Shimojima managed to distract them. In the end, the gang managed to rake up 9480 yen in total, and with the money, Manabi decides to do a revamp of the Council room, thus taking a trip to a DIY store.

Although the revamp was underway, many clubs did not want to get involved, but due to the heartful speach of loving the school and creating a place to hang out by Manabi (with the help of Momo’s interview), all the clubs decided to help out. With the Student Council Office finally complete, a very tired group of 5 decided to sleep there. The episode ends with the Aikoh Student Council President visiting.

My Opinions:

I would absolutly love to revamp a room, only thing that it would probably not be about a cafe. And if I had to clean up a room, I’ll probably sell throw everything away, well… almost everything.

I <3 the scene with Manabi in her Student Council President garb, it made her look so different! And all the other cute scenes between the girls. Though I should say there’s alot of fanservice. Too much fanservice and there will be more of it in the later episodes, at least there were no panty shots. >.>

For the storyline, it was rather enjoyable to see 5 girls helping out in a clean up of their Student Council Office, showing that they all care about their time spent in school. And they make it look REALLY cute espicially when they were in the DIY store.

Though when compared to the manga, it clearly shows more Momo. And a lot more storyline, as well as a lot more cuteness! Not like I’m telling you to go read the manga…Oh Heck…Go read the manga.


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