Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Episode 3

Episode 3: 月曜日じゃ遅すぎる (Monday’s Too Late)

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The Seioh student council organises an interschool dodgeball competition among the neighbouring schools, including sister school Aikoh, with the main objective of having fun and generating interaction between students. Although the competition went well, the Student Council meeting after that did not. She was taken aback when the student representatives were expecting a more serious discussion. In the end, Aikoh’s representative Takako Kakuzawa had to lead the discussion based on school fairs.

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A very listless Manabi worried Mikan, though Mei thinks Manabi is too niave. Manabi then calls the gang to follow her to Aikoh to find out more about running a school fair and visit Taka-Chan at the same time. The gang were awed by the school and the impressive school fair program. Manabi then thanks Taka-Chan for helping out during the council meeting, Taka-Chan apologizes for interfering. When the gang gathered enough information, they decided to leave.

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While at home, Manabi thinks about the school fair and it finally an idea dawns on her so she calls the rest of the gang to meet on the school roof. Manabi then tells the gang that there is no need to follow others but decide on their own on how the school fair should be run, giving the Seioh Student Council hope of creating the best school fair ever.

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My Opinions:

Looking at girls getting hit in the worst places imaginable with a volley ball is seriously getting on with the fanservice.

I’m glad that even up to episode 3, the quality of the animation is still smooth. The storyline on the other hand shows how depressing it can get when you organise an event and people don’t understand how you are running it. But I’m glad Manabi managed to overcome her fear of not doing a good job to being confident, and her friends are there to support her with whatever ideas she has. Let’s see how their friendships develop over the next few episodes shall we?

One last thing…issit me or does Manabi’s brother looks like Itsuki? >_>

Owari~ (edited cause I thought the summary sucked)

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