Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto Episode 1

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Title: Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (幕末機関説 いろはにほへと)

Creator: Ryousuke Takahashi,  Sunrise

Official Site:

Episode 1: 凶星奔る (The Evil Star Let Loose)

Opening Theme: 荒野流転 (Kōya Ruten) by FictionJunction YUUKA

Ending Theme: 愛の剣 (Ai no Tsurugi) by TAKAKO & THE CRAZY BOYS

With the end of the Shogunate era, Japan has opened its doos to the outside world. With war looming, Japan has to prepare for change and with that, a step forward into the future. The question just remains for the location of ‘The Head’.

In the Spring of 1868, while the Head of Awa, Katsu Kaishuu enjoys a leisurely boat ride along a river, a mysterious man dressed in European clothing, steals a confidential letter set for Sunpu Castle. Immediatly after that, an earthquake occurs, halting the advancement of the Imperial Army.

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A lone man stands atop a cliff, reminiscing the loss of Sakamoto Ryouma. He then proceeds into the City of Yokohama where he saves two children from a tiff between some Japanese and Westerners. The two kids turn out to be from the Yuyama Troupe and along with another man, brought their rescuer back to their headquarters. The whole troupe then greets him upon a stage, with Yuyama Kakunojou gratefully thanking him. Zagashira then asks for his name, to which he replies Akizuki Youjiro and leaves. The mysterious man who was seen earlier in the anime turns out to be their Sensei.

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Along the streets of Yokohama, the troupe announces their new play, a Kabuki about the true story of Sakamoto Ryouma. Ebisu spys on Kawai Tsuginosuke who waits outside when a man comes out to tell him that Nakaiya has assigned a bodyguard to him. This bodyguard’s name is Hario which Ebizu recalls a bad memory involving him.

After a successful run, the troupe meet in a room, discussing about Hario. Ebizu informs that Hario is at the Shanghai Club owned by Nakaiya Juubei who is apparently believed to have disappeared after an incident at the Bronze Palace. It is also known that the Shanghai Club conducts secret auctions and the group decides to strike tonight.

At the club, finding Hario was difficult due to the usage of masks. Though their main aim was to find the auction first, to which it was located on the upper floors. In the auction, after the sale of the two gatling guns to Kawai. A special item covered in talismans appears along with Nakaiya. As the bidding begins, the item glows red.

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Akizuki wanders about Yokohama when his sword hilt begins to hum. His eyes turn a brillent blue to which he runs off towards the Shanghai Club as chaos strikes the auction room. He quickly rushes past the Yuyama troupe and the guards towards the glowing item and cuts it in half. The item joins back and as the talismans fall off, time stops, revealing a red skull. Akizuki, unaffected by the time stop, manages to slice the skull in half to which the red star in the sky disappears.

As things begin to move again, the Yuyama troupe begin their search for Hario in the auction room. However the red talismans that were attached to the item begin to catch fire. Instead of leaving, Hario was more interested in Akizuki who lays near the bidding area, this catches the attention of the troupe. Nakaiya stands among the flames proclaiming that it has begun to move and laughs manically.

This is the Spring of the Year 1868, three months after the assassination of Sakamoto Ryouma.

My Opinion:
Firstly, I apologize for the lateness of this post. Also a new poll, it’s a simple one, I’ll probably change it 2 weeks later~

And this was a hard summary to do, seriously. And with the last of the DVD episodes coming out in Sept, please take note that this series would have a long wait in between.

Anyway, Samurais + Feudal Japan + Supernatural event = WIN! That’s why I’m watching it.

Generally this video is better than the raws off their GyaO streaming channel. And the music also has lots of Japanese influences. Espicially the opening Kōya Ruten 荒野流転 by FictionJunction YUUKA and ending Ai no Tsurugi 愛の剣 by TAKAKO & THE CRAZY BOYS. I look forward for new episodes if not for the slow pace.

Lastly, one of the most flowerly introductions I’ve seen

“Forgive me for extending my greetings from this height. From the oceans of the west to the shores of the east, the migrating gull is met by the rough sea breeze. The dagger concealed in my chest marks the end of love on this stage. The equinox flower blossoms red, but the fate of the play is a shade more crimson. I am Yuyama Kakunojou, the leader of this troupe.”



  1. shinji said,

    April 10, 2007 @ 6:55 pm

    I like samurai anime like ninja scroll and basilisk but the magic stuff in here kinda turned me off. Then again i can’t judge it by the 1st episode ^_^

  2. Beanie said,

    April 10, 2007 @ 11:06 pm

    I love bits of fantasy stuff in my anime~ And of course, actual history genres are also a good watch. But yeah, I haven’t gone past 3 episodes, but I do know that there is a lot of history in it that required me to go check up in wikipedia…

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