Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Episode 4

Episode 4: プロモでゴーの巻 (”Promo de GO!” Chapter)

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This episode begins with Mei, seen as her younger self at her old school, where she was nominated to be the class representative by her class cohort as she was diligent and hardworking. At first Mei thought the job worthwhile doing as being part of a class, however it started to become repetitive over the days. One day, an incident occurred over class duty which finally pushed her over the edge. This resulted in her trauma, afraid of being too realiable out of fear people would push everything to her.

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In the present, the gang are trying to churn out ideas and a theme for the school fair which has Manabi running around the school track. Mei decides to contribute by suggesting a promotional video to entice the student body to generate suggestions and themes for the fair.

After a hard days work of setting up the computers for the generation of the promo, the gang decide to eat dinner out together. Manabi and Mikan began to praise Mei until they started talking about Mei joining the Student Council and taking over as leader. These few comments triggered Mei’s trauma making her very depressed.

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The next few days, Mei refused to come to school and help out with the rest of the promo and with the General Assembly in two days Manabi decides to continue it on their own to prove to Mei that they are serious about helping out and not just pushing jobs to her. Mucchi decides to go visit Mei though she just chases her away. Mucchi comments that they are accomplishing something without her help before she leaves which pisses Mei off.

She decides to check on them believing that they were just pulling her leg, but was surprised to see Manabi and Mikan working on the promo without her help. Seeing Mucchi back with the both of them, she switches the spy camera computer off and goes to bed.

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At 5am the next day, Mei gets up and checks the computer, thinking they would have gone home by now, but was surprised to see them still working at it. Frustrated, she asks herself why are they trying so hard when she believes they can’t make it without her, when she hears Mucchi ask the same thing to Manabi. Manabi then replies that although she and Mei don’t communicate much, she knows that Mei would be able to accomplish a lot more working instead of studying. But Manabi deduces that Mei might be in search of something and would love to spend the next three year with Mei and maybe one day, Mei would tell her what she is searching for. After hearing that, Mei breaks down and cries, she also finally realises what she is looking for in school. With new resolve, Mei finally helps out.

On the day of the General Assembly, the trio overslept and thought they were in trouble for not finishing the show, but were surprised that it was completed. All went well for the assembly, until the program began to freeze on them, and without Mei’s help, they started to panic. Mei arrived in the nick of time to help them solve the problem and managed to keep the assembly moving. With new found meaning in her school life, Mei finally joins as a member of the Student Council.

My Opinion:

I like Mei as an individual and this episode finally shows her true self and how she finally overcomes her trauma in elementary school to embrace her love for her school now. Manabi also shows some maturity besides her overly enegertic self to show us that she is not just using the name of Council President for fun and that she is serious about her position. For this whole episode, I really empathise with Mei and what she went through for her whole schooling life. I seriously hope that school is not just for studying but for making friends.

Although I didn’t really have had that kind of experience (joining the student council sort), my secondary school days at Compassvale Sec (Singaporean School in Seng Kang) were enjoyable non the less. With good friends, fun and the occasional weirdness, what more can one ask for? =D


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