Genshiken OVA Episode 14

Episode 14: 私はオタク星人 (I’m from the Planet Otaku)

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Saki and Ogiue meet up, only for Ogiue to be under the mercy of Saki’s critism on her choice of clothing. Where Saki thinks that otakus don’t take much consideration in their dressing style. Although Ogiue did try to change some of her image (contacts and hairstyle), she still looks like an otaku to Saki. Madarame appears but ignores the both of them resulting in Saki arguing with him about ignoring her.

This ends abruptly when Saki realizes Madarame is wearing a new pair of glasses. After laughing at his square frames, she states that although otakus don’t have any fashion sense, she doesn’t like it when they start to act defensive. After hearing Saki’s speech, Madarame decides to do a little shopping to change his image.

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Visiting the Shinjuku district, Madarame gathers enough courage to go into a clothing store only to become embarrassed at the aspect of buying clothes that he left as quickly as he came. After sitting about in an arcade, he tries again, only this time he gets the logic that things should not always be compred with each other against price. But rather, if the thing is nice, he should just buy it like how he buys doujinshi. With this new resolve, he manages to buy a few shirts and trousers from that store.

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On the way back to the station, Madarame meets up with Saki and her girlfriends which results in a small misunderstanding,  after clearing it up, they both decide to eat sushi. As they eat, they talk about being an otaku and how it has affected their lives as individuals. Although Saki has changed her attitude towards otakus, she also trys to understand them, through her otaku boyfriend Kosaka. Madarame however thinks Saki shouldn’t change too much, as this is what makes her special in the Genshiken group. After their sushi dinner, the both of them took the train back.

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The next day, Madarame decided to wear his new clothes and glasses, Kuchiki chided him for spending money on clothes, when Saki came in. Though shocked at his sudden transformation, she accepts his change, making Madarame one happy guy. With that, the rest of the gang decided to get new clothes, with only Kuchiki disagreeing. Ogiue then comes in, her new fashion sense surprising everybody, however shocking. Saki immediatly objects to her new style. The episode ends with Madarame and the rest of the Genshiken visiting Akihibara, where his new clothes become his outing clothes to Akiba.

My Opinions:

This was actually one of the most boring episodes I’ve seen in an anime, but that could be due to me reading the manga before hand. I was actually epecting the Comifest doujinshi arc where Ogiue draws a doujinshi, Angela and Sue come from America and the realisation of Kanji and Ogire’s love for each other. This episode mainly touches on Otaku fashion sense and how different people think about fashion.

In my opinion, I for one don’t think all otaku wear oversized clothes, and some do keep up with the trends but are really rare. Also the relationship between Madarame and Saki was really platonic. Although Madarame did like Saki, he knows that getting to her would be out of bounds as she is Kosaka’s girlfriend. But the anime didn’t really focus much anything this episode, rather there was alot of talking and explaining.

Hopefully, the next episode which comes out on the 25th of April would be the Comifest episode. But then it won’t be complete as I don’t think they can squeeze the graduation part with Comifest…. Well the only way would be to just wait and see then! =D


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