Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto Episode 2

Episode 2: 地割剣嗤う (There Laughs the Earth Shattering Sword)

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This episode begins with the Shanghai Club in flames, Ryouma covered in blood calls out for Shinta, then in his dying breath say he won’t be able to make it. At that moment, Akizuki wakes from his slumber. He hears clapping in the distance and sees the two kids whom he rescued before, asking them where is he.

The troupe continues to perform while Akizuki leaves, however stopped by Ebisu and questioned about his motives in Yokohama. Ebisu comments that because of him barging in to the auction room, the man they wanted revenge upon managed to escape. Akizuki says they have nothing to talk about and leaves. Their sensei appears and tells the troupe to concentrate on finding the wanted man instead, following leads from the auction house staff.

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Meanwhile on a ship, T.B Glover and Nakaiya discuss about Akizuki and how he has help out in their plans. Nakaiya has also assigned Hario to guard the Gatling guns as they are transported to Nagaoka, but Hario was more interested in finding Akizuki, instead of protecting the convoys and Kawai. After managing to locate Akizuki, a small battle began. As they battle, Sensei explains the earth shattering sword technique along with a fact that no one has heard about this technique for 200 years until now, with that Ebisu says he will look into it. Akizuki escapes after hiding behind a fountain to dodge Hario’s attacks.

That night, the troupe discussed about Akizuki and his relationship to Sakamoto Ryouma. Although Shiranui has had his sources about the case, Yuyama is skeptical as she believes Akizuki to be good person, however Shiranui confirms his source and that he has connections in Kyoto. But even so, Akizuki was aquitted due to the lack of evidence. Ebisu returns to report about Hario, who at that moment returns to the convoys. Akizuki also arrives and agrees to escot the group to attack Hario as a debt to repay.

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As the night weared on, the convoys decided to make a move. The troupe hid in ambush along a pathway assumed it would be taken by these convoys under Sensei’s intuition. Akizuki, curious about Hario asks Zagarashi what kind of man he was, and Zagarashi tells a story that occured 10 years ago.

Apparently the Yuyama family were wholesale traders and supporters of the Emperor. However, one night, an attack on the family as part of the Ansei Purge resulted in the death of Kakunojou’s parents and Ebisu getting burned by the fire when protecting Kakunojou. With that, the three of them have grown a desire for revenge on the man who ruined their livelihood.

As the convoys travel along the road, they were attacked by masked men. Hario decides to use the gatling guns regardless of friend of foe. Akizuki destorys one of the guns, and lures Hario away from the convoys. Sensei stay behind to help Kawai and the convoys escape from the Kanagawa Magistrate.

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In an open plain, the attacks begin. Akizuki manages to find paddy field which stops the earth shattering attack from Hario’s sword using water. As the troupe introduce themselves and tell their story of revenge, Hario rebuffs them as he has killed too many to remember what he did. With that, he ventures into the paddy field and attacks them.

Hario continues to use his technique however with much less effectiveness. Admist the chaos, a sniper hides in the trees, attempting to kill Hario, however he misses. With Hario distracted, Akizuki destorys his sword and the troupe slay Hario. Meanwhile, Sensei and Kawai managed to escape and as Kawai leaves by ship, he is told that someone wants to turn Nippon into a true nation.

Standing on a cliff, Ryouma’s voice plays in Akizuki’s head about the time Ryouma asked him to be his bodyguard. Sensei also explains to the troupe that Akizuki was Ryouma’s bodyguard and that he failed to protect him from being assasinated. As Akizuki leaves the cliff, he mentions that ‘That Thing’ is still in Yokohama. On the ship, T.B Glover comments about the sniper rifle, and Nakaiya is told that Akizuki now travels with the troupe and mentions their playwright (Sensei) is Ibaragi Soutetsu. The episode ends with the troupe deciding to do a new play.

My Opinions:

Finally Hario dies! Justice is served to all who perished under him!

Not much of the supernatural stuff, but neither did this episode explain about the Head, except that its called ‘The Head of the Conquerer’. Not only that, more questions pop up. We also learn about Akizuki’s relationship to Ryouma and that he habours regrets for not protecting him enough. The series is getting quite AU yes?, few examples:
You can sell a talisman covered item and ask for 500000 ryou plus 5000 ryou increments.

By slicing a head in half, you can change the inflation prices.

Sword Techniques make katanas glow like light sabers.

You can miss killing someone even if you were using a sniper rifle and aiming directly at his head.


And now that Hario is dead, what the troupe would do next… =/ I wanna see more Yuyama and Shiranui dammit!!!


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