Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Episode 5

Episode 5: ふたりっきりの、夜 (The two left alone at night)

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Manabi, having a weeks rest due to the mumps, Mikan and Mei are in charge of Student Council duties. However, Mikan has never talked to Mei one on one during her time in school and decides to try striking up a conversation with her but couldn’t manage to do so after 3 hours. At home, Mikan talks it over with Mucchi about her insecurities, but Mucchi has no time to entertain her as she has a softball tournament the next day. Under Mikan’s insistance as Mei’s friend, Mucchi throws in ways for Mikan to converse with Mei.

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She tries again the second day, but fails again. Mucchi again tries to comfort her but Mikan’s whining voice puts her off that she just hangs up. As Muchhi goes for dinner, she recieves another call, but this time it’s from Mei and decides to answer her phone. Mucchi on the other hand, fumes and pouts over it.

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On the third day, Mei informs Mikan that she can’t come for student council duties today. When she left, a gang of school girls ask Mikan about Mei, however then one of them asked whether it was tiring to be with her, she got annoyed with them. As she walked back in the rain, a man bumped into her and an idea hit her, and decided to go write a letter to Mei. However, she was surprised to find Mei at the stationary shop who was also there to write a letter, though when asked who she was writing a letter to, Mikan replied Manabi. That night, a disheartened Mikan lay on bed, the letter unfinished.

The next day, Mikan was thinking of not going to school when her mother tells her someone had written her a letter. After reading the letter, she immediatly ran towards the school to find Mei, finally understanding how Mei felt. Meanwhile, Momo interviews Manabi about the preparations of the school fair where Manabi is confident that Mikan and Mei can handle it without her help.

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Shimojima visits the girls, advising them to come up with a theme and guidelines for the school fair as there are people who think that students shouldn’t be running the School Fair. With that, Mikan decides to handle the theme themselves without help from the President. For the next few days, the both of them tried to think up of a theme, they ran when they couldn’t think of ideas, did research at the library on various themes, searched the internet and argued. With that their friendship grew stronger.

On the night of the deadline, they decided to pull an all nighter. While sitting under the stars after dinner, Mikan invites Mei lie besides her and join her in star gazing. They held hands as they slept under the stars. The next day, Manabi arrives back to school to find a pleasent surprise, Mikan and Mei managed to think of a theme and plan proposal, ‘From Friends to Buddies’.

My opinions:

Love this episode, nice touchy feeling of making a new friend in school who you thought would never be your friend. Though I find Mikan’s voice during the handphone scenes with Mucchi rather annoying, a high pitchy whining voice on a phone would put me off as much as it did to Mucchi. Also the effort taken to research the theme and proposal is commendable. Although there were alot of interaction between Mei and Mikan, I think viewers should not think too much into it… FOR CRYING OUT LOUD… ITS NOT YURI! >.>



  1. Spiritsnare said,

    April 17, 2007 @ 12:59 am

    It may not be yuri, but it feels quite like shoujo-ai.

    They just haven’t gone over-the-top yet. O:)

  2. Beanie said,

    April 17, 2007 @ 8:25 am

    Hmmm…. but I also don’t think its shoujo ai, like I used to come from an all girls’ school and alot of stuff like this happened… I mean the sort of interaction. Though the blushing overload contributes to the idea of it being shoujo ai.

    And being from a girls’ school, you will have as much good memories as bad ones……=.= HA!

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