Darker than BLACK Episode 1

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Title: Darker than BLACK (黒の契約者)

Creators: Okamura Tensai and BONES

Main Website: http://www.d-black.net/

Episode 1: 契約の星は流れた…(前編) (The Shooting Star of the Contract (Part 1))

Opening Theme: HOWLING by abingdon boys school

Ending Theme: ツキアカリ (Tsukiakari) by Rie fu

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The scene begins with the police chasing a man on the rooftops under the night sky of Japan. Although the cops managed to corner him, his pupils glow red as one of the policemen was thrown into the sky. The cops then realise he is a Contractor as he escapes. This man’s name is Louis and his power is to control gravity.

Louis manages to escape to another building and proceeds to break his fingers as part of his contract until he hears a voice and finds out that a Doll has been spying on him. He tries to run away again when Hei stops him. Asking for some documents, Hei beats up Louis who says they are with a woman. Although Louis bargains for his life Hei kills him anyway. As a shooting star falls, a female detective explains the origins of the wall 10 years ago as well as the existance of Contractors and Dolls.

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In the morning, the police discuss about Louis and his involvement in the French Government and has been killed by another Contractor, BK201 which is an unknown number in the Astrological Department. They then begin another search for Shinoda Chiaki, a researcher at the National Institute of Technology and wrote her thesis involving the Gate as information involving the Gate is usually dangerous. Kirihara Misaki again explains the existance of the Contractors and the people who get involved with them have their memory erased.

An exchange student Li ShunSheng arrives at his rented home only to be greeted by a grumpy old woman who drags him in to fix the television and manages to fix it. The old lady shows him to his apartment when Li’s neighbour, a woman named Haraguchi quickly leaves her home. The old lady warns him not to be overly friendly with the other residents. Li then does a quick inspection of his new home.

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That night, two detectives were socialising with Haraguchi who apparently works at a night club, and one of them recognises her as Shinoda. Sensing that the both of them were police officers, she tells her boss about a stalker before running off. While escaping from both detectives, she finds Li studying the stars in the middle of the park. He helps her escape the police by pretending to kiss her behind a tree, and soon after recognises her as his neighbour Haraguchi. She thanks him before running off again.

With the police still chasing after her, Haraguchi hides in an alley only to be approached by another man named Jean. When she questions him about Louis, he avoids answering her instead asking for the documents. She refuses to tell unless she see Louis to which Jean tries to drug her. He almost suceeds until Li knocks him out and saves Haraguchi again. The both of them run away, but as they cross a bridge, Jean phases out of a nearby wall and punches Li who falls over the railing of the bridge onto a passing train. Thinking he died, Jean turns his attention to Haraguchi and suceeds in knocking her out.

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Haraguchi awakes in a room, where she sees Jean repaying his contract by lining up stones in a grid like pattern. As he finishes, he tells her that Louis is dead and is a Contractor. When Jean attempts to extract information about the documents, Haraguchi tries to escape only to find the doors locked. Outside, Yin distracts the trio as the lights go out, a surge of electricity wrecks the locks to which Haraguchi escapes. As the trio chase after her, a cat jumps out of nowhere to distract them. As Haraguchi runs away, she finds Li standing before her, they both smile at each other before she collaspes in his arms sobbing.

My Opinions:

About time I got down to writing this summary =.=

That was one action packed episode! Besides finding a purple eyed cat funny, the series stands out on its own as one heck of an action series of Spring 2007. BONES has previously done great jobs with Full Metal Alchemist, Eureka seveN and Ouran, Drker than BLACK is no exception. With that I look forward to future episodes finding out more about the Contractors, Dolls and the wall.

Though in previous experiences, felt that their endings were a bit on the WTH side. Like the ending of Ouran and the ending of FMA. Eureka’s ending was too fast paced in my opinion. Overall its still a good series to watch. On the songs, Howling by abington boys school was wonderful, I wonder who the green haired woman is in the OP though, very intriguing =D. I didn’t really like the ending, mainly I don’t like Rei fu’s singing, especially when she sang Life’s like a boat featured in BLEACH. Her voice is not to my liking. Although seeing Yin sitting on the surface of the lake staring at the stars was rather random for an ending.


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