Lucky Star Episode 2

Episode 2: 努力と結果 (Effort and Results)

0201 0202 0203

What happens here?:

A day of the Hiiragi Twins during Golden Week~

8.00am - Tsukasa > Sleeping, Kagami > Gets up
8.30am - Tsukasa > Sleeping, Kagami > Eats breakfast
9.00am - Tsukasa > Sleeping, Kagami > Does hmwk (my shortform for homework)
10.00am - Tsukasa > Sleeping, Kagami > Ask questions for hmwk
12.00pm - Tsukasa > Still Sleeping, Kagami > Gets ready for lunch

12.05pm - Tsukasa > Gets up, Kagami > Greets Father
12.15pm - Tsukasa & Kagami > Eat lunch
3.00pm - Tsukasa & Kagami > Meet up with Konata for tea
7.00pm - Tsukasa & Kagami > Eat dinner
8.00pm - Tsukasa & Kagami > Do hmwk
9.00pm - Tsukasa > Sleeps, Kagami > Does hmwk

0204 0205 0206
0207 0208 0209

What happens here?:

Kagami - Call from Miyuki about hmwk discussion > Call from Konata to let her copy hmwk > Tsukasa and Konta get lectured about copying hmwk> Comparison btw Konata and Tsukasa over the holidays~

First Day - Konata > MMORPG, Tsukasa > Setting up timetable to do hmwk
Second Day - Konata > MMORPG, Tsukasa > Forgets to do hmwk, redoes timetable
Third Day - Konata > MMORPG, Tsukasa > Forgets to do hmwk, redoes timetable
Fourth Day - Konata > MMORPG then calls Kagami, Tsukasa > Forget to do homework, crys over timetable

0210 0211 0212
0213 0202 0215

What happens here?:

Holidays are now over! Konata tells teacher she had a blast over the holidays.Konata, Kagami and Tsukasa go to an arcade, and play a UFO catcher with Keroro dolls, Taiko no Tatsujin (with Hare Hare Yukai) and a fighting game (I have no idea which title).

0216 0217 0218
0219 0220 0221
0222 0223 0224

What happens here?:

Konata doesn’t want to come to school as she has May sickness. Konata pulls an all nighter to study for a test. Kagami thinks she won’t be able to do it but is proven wrong. Konata also decides to get a job to be able to buy the QUO cards during the Comp Festival (while reading a Comptiq magazine). Konata, Miyuki and Tsukasa talk about going to the dentist, drills and sexy receptionists.

0225 0226 0227
0228 0229 0230

What happens here?:

Konata compares the differences between the voice casts in the drama cd and the anime. Though having both would be just as good.

Later Tsukasa and Kagami discuss about Konata’s job. After a long list of guessing (bookstore, convience store, fast food chain, family restaurant, traffic surveyor, video store, a bar, pizza delivery, supermarket cashier, cram school teacher and bread factory). They ask her the next day and Konata replies Cosplay Cafe.

Lucky Channel! > Akira is jealous that Shiraishi had a small role to play in the actual show, after discussing lines with him she gets even more annoyed. After that she asks him whether there is any tension in the show.

Karaoke Ending song of the episode > Opening of Akumaizer 3

My Opinions:

If anything couldn’t get any more random that this. >.> SUPAR RANDOM FUNNY!

Anyway if anyone is interested in winning at UFO catcher games:

Crane Game Queen of Japan & Brainiac - Crane Game

Also the reference to Taiko no Tatsujin! To the point of redrawing the game screen! Wow~

I also feel like working at a cosplay cafe, but not like there’s one in Melbourne and my stay is too short to work in S’pore =A= Geeee…



  1. Danny said,

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    and wow, you live in Melbourne too? cool, which part?

  2. Beanie said,

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    YAY! =D

    I live in the city, its near the Uni I go to… 8D And are u going for Animania this coming Sat? I’m probably going to blog about it~

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