Romeo x Juliet Episode 1

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Title: Romeo x Juliet (ロミオ×ジュリエット)

Creators: William Shakespeare (Playwright of Romeo and Juliet) and Gonzo

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Episode 1: 「ふたり」 Destino ~出会わなければ~ (「Two of Us」 Destiny ~If we didn’t meet~)

Opening Theme: 祈り~You Raise Me Up~ (Inori~You Raise Me Up~) by Lena Park

Ending Theme: サイクロン (Cyclone) by 12012

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14 years ago in a cold blizzard storm, Montague laid a siege upon the Capulet Family, there a young Capulet sees her family slaughtered by the assassins. She was saved by a man in armor and escaped on a ryuuba into the blizzard storm.

In the present, a girl has been arrested under the suspicion that she is the last survivor of the Capulet Family. As the soldier orders her to be taken away, a man in a red cape calls out to them to release her. Known as the Red Whirlwind, he frees the girl from her bonds and using his superb fighting skills, kicks the squad leader in the face and runs away. A boy in the crowd distrcts the other soldiers by throwing mini exploding balls. As they both run away, the Red Whirlwind catches up with Cordelia and drags her along into the mess.

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As they continue to escape, a young noble man named Romeo has tea with a view over the city, he sees the Red Whirlwind being chased and decides to help him. He calls out for Benvolio to follow him as he flies towards the sky. The Red Whirlwind and Cordelia ran till they were cornered on a broken bridge. As they try to retreat, the floor crumbles and the Wirldwind falls. Romeo flies past and manages to grab his hand, commenting that the Red Whirlwind’s hand is more slender than he expected. When Benvolio rescues Cordelia, they fly off to safety.

When they reached a safe spot, the Red Whirlwind jumps off only to be stopped by Romeo questioning his attitude. The Red Whirlwind retorts that he should have gone to rescue the poor girl instead of rescuing him, to which Romeo demands to know his name. The Red Whirlwind expresses his gratitude to Romeo as he and Cordelia walk off. As Romeo and Benvolio fly off, the boy catches up with them and Cordelia calls the Red Whirlwind by his name Odin. The trio then proceed home.

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They arrive back at a theatre, and greet William Shakespeare who is musing over his lack of an audience. He then asks Odin and Antonio to come see his new play later, as Cordelia reveals a secret passageway. After climbing up a flight of stairs, an old man greets Odin with much displeasure as Odin greets Curio and Francisco. It is then known that this group of people are under the care of Shakespeare’s mother who provided them with the secret area for refuge. As Antonio distracts his grandfather, Odin slips away.

Odin was annoyed that a noble rescued him from the soldiers, then reminisces about the past where he was once rescued like that when Cordelia tells him that everything will be revealed when he is sixteen. As Cordelia lets down his hair, Odin comments that his birthday is tomorrow and to that Cordelia replies, ‘So it is, Juliet’.

Mercutio greets the Duke at a Ryuuba race when the Duke asks for the whereabous of Romeo, when he arrives. Romeo tells the Duke that he’s been trying to acknowledge the problems of the common people when his father scoffs at him, telling him that as a leader, one must use force to control and keep order. As he says that, a young woman named Hermione arrives, the Grand Duke greets her and tells Romeo to accompany Hermoine to the Rose Ball later at night. As he holds Hermione’s hand, he is reminded of the Red Whirlwind.

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Back at the theater, William reherses for a play when Juliet questions about love. Romeo gets ready for the ball when Benvolio comes in and realises Romeo is not in love with Hermione. Both Juliet and Romeo ask William and Benvolio respectively the meaning of being in love. And both reply that being in love means that one would not resist dying to be with the one you love.

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After the rehersal, Emilia tells Odin to accompany her to a ball as she plans to find a soul mate. Juliet questions herself why she has to dress up as a guy but comforts herself that for a night, she’ll be a girl for once. However things did not go according to plan when Emilia gets her hat and Juliet get whisked off towards the ball. Antonio tries to find Odin only to find an annoyed Emilia.

At the Rose ball, Juliet is amazed at the splendor of the hall, when she recollects memories of the place. In shock when the Duke turned around, she drops her rose and mask and runs away. Resting at a fountain, she finds a lone iris floating in the water and picks it up. Romeo then calls out to her and as Juliet turns around, the both of them stare at each other in shock and awe. The scene ends with a shot of the both of them against the background of the fountain.

My Opinions:

Lovely Opening! A very romantic start to a tragedy unfolding. Although the anime already deviates from the actual story with the Neo Verona and the ryuuba, they still keep the innocent love between the both of them. Though I would like to see how this love blossoms when Juliet is told of her true heritage on her birthday in the next episode. As much this would have all sorts of weird factors incorporated into this AU anime. Its bound to be a good watch.

Though, as I have read Romeo and Juliet. I hope that the anime would stick to the original storyline of a tragedy instead of some twisted ending. Ok.. a twisted ending (or a sci fi one) would be fine but the both of them have to die. No, I’m not some weird morbid person, but I rather an ending that follows the tradegy. But but but, if they decide to let them live, I won’t mind, not like I can stop them >.>



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    Where did you find the fansubbed version? I can’t find it anywhere T_T

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    I emailed you about this

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    where can you find a place to watch this show?

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