Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Episode 6

Episode 6: シナモンシュガーレイズド・ハピネス (Cinnamon Sugar Raised Happiness)

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Its time for the mid term exams, and the gang have been studying hard with much less success with the Gods or Luck. They have too been busy with the growing enthusiasm over the school fair and are finally completing the mandatory preparations, with Mei in charge of the design of the school fair website.

Meanwhile, in the Principals Office, Shimojima and the principal discuss over approving the student entries for the fair, when in fact the both of them are just as excited as the rest of the school are. Back in the Student Council Room, Mei has just completed a mini game which has the rest of the girls fangirling over it. Though it was short lived as they realise they have to continue studying for their last exam.

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Mikan and Mucchi both go home together, while stopping for ice-cream at a roadside stall. There Mikan asks Mucchi about her softball tournament and she replies that the school team lost. Mikan then muses over her friendship with Mucchi even if she dose not know much about her interests.

Back to Seiohs 34th Opening Ceremony, that was the first time Mucchi and Mikan met, eventhough it was rather awkward. This was further strengthened during the time when Mikan was the lone member of the Student Council.

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Back in the present, Mikan pops over the Mucchi’s place for a study session. After a run in with Mucchi’s three brothers, they get down to studying though it wasn’t doing any help. They leave to gallivant around the city, first stopping over for donuts and caffe-lattes. There they try to talk about their conflicting interest only to figure out that they share a weird friendship.

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They sang karaoke, took purikura and enjoyed the morning sun over the sea.

Back in the past again, the whole scene where Mikan was alone in the messed up Student Council room. Mucchi comforts her as she tries to help Mikan gather more members. Seeing how Mucchi tries to help her, Mikan cries in her arms.

The following morning, the day of the last exam (which is math), Mikan bombs the exam again. After that, Manabi announces that all the Student Council work before the summer holidays complete. Although Mei says that they cannot be complacent, Manabi cuts her off with vouchers from Shimojii. When she mentions Miss Donut, Mucchi and Mikan exclaim they don’t want to go there again before laughing.

My Opinions:

Yet another Mikan with someone from the club episode, this time Mucchi. Good enough as a stand alone show if not for one scene involving the ice-cream. >.> This shows the meaning of friendship, even though your interests are not the same, you can still be steadfast friends.

Also the part where they started jumping about looking at the screen with the game, that was weird fanservice, looking at skirts for I think 2 minutes before Mei asks them about their preparations for exams. Though I commend Mei’s l33t computer skills, to be able to do such a sophisticated webpage in a rush… geee I can’t even do my own html/ccs stuff trying for 4 hours before almost trashing my laptop.

Besides the huge amounts of implied yuri again… this episode was simple and to the point. All I need is the manga to compare the events happening here… speaking about manga, I should go do some from my collection…


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