Darker than BLACK Episode 2

Episode 2: 契約の星は流れた…(後編) (The Shooting Star of the Contract (Part 2))

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After Haraguchi’s run in with Jean and meeting up with Li again. The both of them walk home as Harguchi tells Li about the Contractors and their connections to the stars in the sky and her involvement with the Governement as a researcher. Meanwhile, Kirihara advises her subordinates to be more careful when doing undercover jobs.

On their arrival home, they find out that Haraguchi’s place has been ransacked. She tries to accepts the events that have occured but still desperately clings on to Li for support. They stay in Li’s place and she tells Li more about her personal life and her relationship with Louis. Since her only way out of her current life has been killed, Li volunteers to escape with her. At that time, Kirihara’s subordinates arrive to find Haraguchi’s place empty. Li and Haraguchi both escape again.

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At a restaurant, Li tells Haraguchi that she would need a fake passport, and in exchange for information she knows about The Gate, she could get one. She then tells Li her real name, Shinoda Chiaki. As they both laugh at Li’s enormous order, Chiaki suddenly falls ill and leaves for the restroom. Huang then tells Hei to get rid of the her soon if not more trouble would come, and it did. Li and Chiaki barely escaped again by the back door as the two guys chased after them.

Huang reports back to The Organization about Hei’s movements. As much as Huang thinks that Hei’s actions as a Contractor is strange, The Organization believes that Hei won’t betray them. Yin reports that she is unable to find him due to the lack of water in the vicinity Hei is in.

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Li and Chiaki find a secluded place and he asks her to rest. As she does, she tells Li that she’s tired of running away from the Contractors and the police and also tells her tale of the fate of her parents and the Contractor who killed them. She refuses to get the memory erased as she thinks that its the last bit of her self worth.

As day breaks, Chiaki hands over a key that would give Li the information he needs. Li reminds Chiaki that Contractors are killing machines with normal human faces, and they kill eyewitnesses to minimize the risk of getting caught. They visit a train station to get the information when they caught sight of Jean and his henchmen, they try to run away again. However Li dumps Chiaki in front of a police station and walks off, with his 3 pursuers not far behind. Meanwhile, Kirihara recieves a report from Matsumoto about the discovery of the real Shinoda Chiaki’s body.

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The ‘other’ Shinoda Chiaki gets up and runs to find Li, while he finds an empty lot to check on the ‘information’ Chiaki gave him only to find the book blank. His 3 pursuers finally caught up with him too. After saying the key words “The rat was caught in the trap”, ‘Chiaki’ deactivates but shoots Hei as he tries to protect her from one of the henchmen Alan. It is here that Hei finds out that this ‘Chiaki’ is a doll programmed with the real Shindo Chiaki’s memories using the ME. And it was all a trap to expose Hei as a Contractor.

As the guys assume Hei dead, Mao comes from behind and tells them that the coat Hei wears turns bulletproof when he wears it. Hei then attacks back, disabling the 2 henchmen before Jean tries to rip Hei’s heart out. Jean almost succeeds but Doll Chiaki gets in Hei’s way and her heart got phased out instead. Before Hei retaliates, Jean escapes. Huang then comes and tels Hei that the real information was dealt with already, he continues to lecture Hei until Mao stops him. Yin tells where Jean has gone of to using the puddle of water he left behind.

Jean escapes near a river, and desperately tries to complete his contract only to be caught by Hei again. This time as he tries to swim across the river, Hei kills him. Kirihara and the police force later find Jean already dead. In the evening back at Li’s apartment, Kirihara visits him and asks about Haraguchi, Li denies knowing anything about her so Kirihara just gives him a business card and leaves.

My Opinions:

The fight scenes were SO cool! And the kinds of powers these Contractors can have are strange and interesting, its also amazing to see how these powers are used in battle. Though the things they have to do later (eg. line up rocks, eat flowers, break fingers) to complete the contract are rather weird. It’s like what you call a compulsive disorder, where you must do that thing before you can do anything else. Though I find the way Hei contradicts himself rather ironic. Maybe he knew that she was a Doll of all we know. I like Mao too… yeah… Mao >.>

This series is much to my liking, with character designs.. but surely, you don’t need me to tell you that right? Can’t wait till the next episode… high school girl and more talking Mao.


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