Romeo x Juliet Episode 2

Episode 2: 「約束」 Il segreto ~思い出の香り~ (「Promise」 The Secret ~The Fragrance in My Memories~)

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Continuing from Episode 1, Romeo meets Juliet for the first time and instantly falls head over heels for her. When questioned about her favourite flower, Juliet replies she loves irises. However, before Romeo could ask for her name, Benvolio calls for him and Juliet uses the chance to run away. Although Juliet had trouble with the guards while leaving, Francisco arrives in the nick of time with the Farnese family crest (William’s mother’s family crest).

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Back in the Keep, Montague gives his son a surprise with his engagement to Hermione, while Juliet gets lectured from Conrad. Although she wanted to tell them about the Rose Ball and her encounter with Romeo, she kept that to herself. When Francisco warns her about her recklessness, Juliet retorts with her usual questions of the reasons she has to disguise herself as a boy. Juliet gets even more annoyed when Conrad reminded her about knowing it all on her 16th birthday.

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Juliet wakes up the next day knowing her birthday has finally arrived and Cordelia makes fun of her about the Rose Ball. Juliet decides to begin her day with her vigilante rounds about the city as The Red Whirlwind with Antonio. While fighting some thugs, Juliet got injured during a sword attack but was saved by Curio which resulted in a visit to Lancelot. Once again she gets lectured by Conrad about her recklessness.

Juliet also bought hand cream for Cordelia when she mentioned that her hands were rough in the morning. When Juliet leaves with Antonio to see William. The 4 adults talk about Juliet’s fate and her heritage and how her reaction would be after knowing everything at night. At the theatre, William explains his new play ‘As You Like It‘, while Juliet muses over love between a commoner and a noble.

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While in a rose garden with Hermione, Romeo looked distant from Hermione until he sees an iris and is reminded of Juliet. Back in the theatre, Cordelia prepares for Juliet’s birthday dinner when Juliet appears in a dress asking Cordelia the whereabouts of a place blooming with irises. Cordelia initially refuses to tell Juliet, but after seeing her sad face, Cordelia relents.

Romeo decides to fly around the city when he finds a place full of irises. As he takes in the smells and sights from the abandoned building, Juliet appears. Romeo asks for her name again and this time she replies. Before they could talk some more, Juliet had to leave for her birthday celebrations. Romeo gives her a bouquet of irises.

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That night, Juliet surprises everyone (especially Antonio) with her demeanor and they all celebrate Juliet’s 16th birthday. After the birthday meal, Conrad tells her that they need to go somewhere. They arrive at a graveyard where Conrad tells Juliet about her true heritage as the Capulet heir and her past as the sole survivor after Montague siege. At that moment, a group of people arrive and all of them swear their alligence to Juliet Giulietta Arthur Capulet.

My Opinions:

I lost my wallet, I feel crappy, thus a late entry… >.>

Getting told that your whole family got killed on your 16th birthday sucks big time. I sort of admire Juliet for being a very independent girl and can attack too? Wow~ Though this anime doesn’t actually follow the story line closely to the original script, it has done a pretty decent job with the characters and including William himself into his story. Now contradicting my statement in Episode 1, I would like the both of them to live, cause innocent and everlasting love is a wonderful thing to have!

Hopefully, Juliet won’t give up her crime fighting days in the city as the Red Whirlwind and still meet up with Romeo. And I also wonder about her reaction when she finds out that Romeo, the boy she has fallen in love with, is her sworn enemy. Episode 3?

RomeXJuli FTW!


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