Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Episode 7

Episode 7: なつのおしまい(ばいばい) (End of Summer (Bye-bye))

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The summer holidays have finally come and gone, and the girls are holed up in the Student Council room trying to finish up any loose ends related to their progress to the school fair. However, the heat is stifling their mood, resulting in some spastic moments, which was until Mikan started crying which caught everyones’ attention.

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When their battle with the heat proves futile, they decide to take a nap on the top of the school buliding. Mikan then starts dreaming while the rest of the girls left her alone to continue on their work. Meanwhile, Aikoh’s student president was on the bus, on the way to Seioh when she overhears a conversation about starting work instead of studying. She then arrives at Seioh’s lower bus stop.

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After her nap, Mikan takes a trip to a convenience store to buy some fireworks when she meets Takako. She offers to buy some snacks back for the gang which resulted with cheers from the girls. As Manabi eats oojikin, Takako explains her visit after reading the school fair blog. Although Mei doubts her visit, Takako compliments her handling of the webpage, causing Mei to blush. Though later Takako asks for a moment with Manabi .

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Manabi takes Takako for a walk about the school, telling her excitedly about all that would be going on during the school fair. Though Takako gets curious and asks Manabi how she manages to remember all the positions of the stalls for the school fair. Manabi’s response was to close her eyes and imagine it all. She then thanks Takako for giving them the motivation in the first place.

Before Takako’s visit, Aikoh’s superintendent tells Takako of her decision to merge schools due to low student levels. Despite Takako’s protests, the superintendent believes her decision would benefit the schools as she believes Seioh is being run the wrong way. Takako in turn has to prepare a speech for a public announcement on the 1st of September.

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That evening, back in the Student council room, asks Manabi why she’s willing to spend so much time on the fair, to which Manabi replies that its fun and she wants to see other people happy and having fun. Takako then takes leave and as she sits at the bus stop, she thinks about Manabi’s ability to see the image of a students’ accomplishment in school. She calls her superintendent.

Back at Seioh, the gang have finally completed their work for the holidays and decide to play with fireworks at the school pool. Although Mikan did not managed to get wet, she still plays with the rest of the gang.

My Opinions:

I have no idea how Mikan and her dream sequence relates to this episode. Momo is so ignored that I pity her, though seeing her at Hawaii would make everyone jealous anyway. Takako on the other hand is forced to not tell Manabi about the changes, which as a friend is difficult to do. The superintendent in my opinion is one harsh woman, refusing to let Seioh’s school fair run before the takeover and then telling Takako about it.

The spastic phase of the episode was hilarious, with Mei screaming and slapping a sleeping Mucchi, Manabi going delirious, and Mei attempting to strip Mei while calling her a man. That was seriously made of PWNAGE. =D


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