Lucky Star Episode 3

Episode 3: いろいろな人たち (All kinds of people)

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It’s the beginning of the summer semester and the girls begin to wear their summer uniforms.

What happens here?:

When trying to win a lottery, always hand write your entries with good handwriting, draw a nice border around the postcards and add a picture when writing it, also always hand in a 100 entries at different locations and on different days, and of course LOVE is the most important factor. Though keeping in mind the method will not always work.

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What happens here?:

The mystery of Kagami and Tsukasa as two egg twins (fraternal) or one egg twins (identical) is revealed, or so by Konata. ManaKana (a pair of sister singers) is also mentioned as a pair who recently found out they were one egg twins rather than two egg twins. Although Konata’s knowledge of twins is vast, her evaluation of the Hiiragi twins causes much debate.

June is the time for summer weddings and the girls talk about wedding dresses and kimonos, along with the trends of wedding dresses in the present. Konata compares Tsukasa with Angel Salvia and Daisy from Wedding Peach and puts Tsukasa in a yellow top and miniskirt.

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What happens here?:

Konata and Kagami talk about how murder cases are exaggerated in detective anime and manga, and feel that they should take on more normal cases like rescuing cats and investigating unfaithful wives. Though the more complicated cases would call for sensitive viewing and censoring.

At the Hiiragi household, Konata asks why totally different students can enter the same school in manga. Kagami also mentions that teachers are also getting younger in some anime (with reference to Negima!). With that, they three of them question how they managed to get into the same school.

Never underestimate the power of game memorising.

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What happens here?:

Still in the Hiiragi household, Konata mentions that the Hiiragi twins birthday is coming (July 7th Tanabata), and they talk about wards to avoid bad luck as their 18th is on the next year. Konata then says that they share their birthday with Ponytail day, so they don ponytails with Kagami being the centre of attention having a warrior ponytail (Kagami XD).

At a book shop, Konata and Kagami talk about QUO cards and a collectors passion to collect lots of them to store and to look at them. Konata’s law of collecting is to collect three, one for preservation, one to take out and look at, and the last one as an extra, though Kagami doesn’t understand the logic behind it.

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What happens here?:

Tsukasa, Kagami and Konata talk about their populatiry with the guys, and the three of them agree that Miyuki, although pretty and having all the traits boys would go for, has no one coming up to her as they think that Miyuki is too clueless to realise that boys are asking her out. Later when they meet up, Miyuki’s actions prove to be true with their earlier discussion.

In Lucky Channel:

Akira and Shiraishi talk about a member of the regular cast which turns out to be Miyuki, as Shiraishi rambles on about Miyuki. As Miyuki is admired by maniacs, Akira is admired by pedophiles. And with that it ends~

Karaoke Ending song of the episode > それが、愛でしょう (That’s Love, Right?) Opening of Full Metal Panic Fumoffu!

My Opinions:

I knew it! I knew this had a reference to Fumoffu! Espicially with the pony tail part! XD And the ending song~~ Kagami with a single ponytail makes her look MANLY! XD Her trademark 2 ponytails is way much cuter on her. Konata should wear a ponytail more often too~

And look, even if a lottery has something I realllly like… I wouldn’t buy a few thousand postcards, hand draw them and try to find different mailboxes to post them in! =A=

Also with Miyuki, the epitome of perfectness with the guys, or rather the maniac guys (what maniac guys >.>? OTAKU?). MOEEEEE~~~~~
Akira is probably a target for pedobear. =P


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