Darker than BLACK Episode 3

Episode 3: 新星は東雲の空に煌く…(前編) (A new star shines in the dawn sky (Part 1))

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A lone man in a blood covered contamination suit, wanders about a body ridden place, only to stumble upon a field of glowing flowers. Back in the present, Hei prepares to go to work while the land lady takes care of an irate Mao. He visits Yin and get a box of cigarettes and a watch off her. Meanwhile a girl stands at a train station, and for a moments pause, her eyes go blank.

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At Hei’s workplace, while delivering a package to Tahara, he hears from a colleague that Tahara is always locked in his office and in the past was a scientist that did research on Hell’s Gate. Apparently he was the sole survivor out of the expedition to the Gate.

Hei then delivers the package to Tahara, accidently knocking over a stack of botany books, Hei skillfully also places the watch on the table. Tahara opens the package, only to reveal yet another book on flowers. But before he could look any further, he was chased away by Tahara.

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Meanwhile, two men check into a hotel with Huang spying on them. As they enter room 802, the men argue amongst themselves, with the blond man voicing his distrust with contractors and his tolerance towards the contractor with him was all for business.

The girl whos eyes went blank finally awoke from her trance and was caught for burning rubbish in an alleyway, her school called Tahara and he immediatly requests Hei to drive him to his daughter’s school. While waiting for the both of them outside, Mao updates Hei with information involving the two men who are apparently from Myer and Hilton.

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Hei listens to their conversation inside the Principals office, where Tahara’s daughter inisted that she did not start the fire, but it was already burning when she came to. When Tahara heard this, he drags his daughter away. As Hei drives the pair home, Tahara questions his daughter about the occurances of spacing out to which his daughter defiantly refuses to answer him.

Being stuck in a traffic jam, the girl’s friends call out to her from the sidewalk. Mai then gets out of the car and follows them. Tahara doesn’t chase after her. Mai’s friends question her about her lifestyle, with that Yuka invites Mai back for dinner at her place. But Mai thinks that her father might be home and declines the invitation.

Mai, thinking that her father would be home was angry that he wasn’t after todays events. She runs off towards the night life of the city. Mao surveys Tahara at his office and always sees him with the plant near his window sill. The two guys from Myer and Hilton also decide to change their tatics and go after Mai instead.

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Mai wandering about the night life, almost gets caught by security when Hei intervenes. He takes her away and tries to bring her home to which Mai starts venting her anger towards her father at Hei. With that Hei offers to bring her around and have some fun until sunrise. In the morning, Mai shows Hei a spot on her wrist that glows and was told it was a lucky charm by her parents. Hei then uses the opportunity to ask Mai about her father’s occupation.

Hei walks back with Mai back home when a group of men attack them, Hei tells Mai to run away. With two men chasing after her, Mai runs into a construction site, her panic level rises when the men fired shots at her. As she reaches her maximum panic point, the glowing spot on her wrist disappears. Mai’s eyes once again go blank and fire surrounds her.

Meanwhile, back in Tahara’s office, the flower that once grew in the flower pot, has withered away. Kirihara, after her swimming session, receives a call from her comrade that a new star has appeared in the sky.

My Opinions:

Moar action! Even after 2 episodes, this series has been up to standards in term of story line and characters.Though we don’t see much of Yin (like we ever), its being replaced with a dysfunctional family with a father obsessed over a flower and an angsty daughter. I rather like Mai, though if I had a daughter… I wouldn’t let her become like that =/

I would also like to know the deal with the flower, rather intriguing that the father rather waters the plant than be with his daughter. And the guys from Myer and Hilton (Myers and Hilton Hotel? =D), I guess they are after the father as he is a researcher, hopefully they won’t do anything to Mai.

Hei’s role as a contractor is also strange, for he portrays more emotions than an average contractor. But this time it involves a girl so I believe that he would be a bit more sympathetic with her. Anyway, we shall see the next episode then~


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