Romeo x Juliet Episode 3

Episode 3: 「恋心」 Attrazione  ~残酷な悪戯~ (「The Dawn of Love」 Attraction ~Cruel Mischief~)

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As it continues to rain, Conrad tells the fall of the Capulet Family at the hands of the Montague family and the plot to overthrown them. He then hands a heirloom to her, a memento of her father. As she draws out the sword, the memories of her childhood return to her, she faints from the shock.

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Back at the theater, Juliet wonders about her current life, dressing like a boy, and forgetting her past. Cordelia comforts her and tells her to rest. The next day, William’s mother of the Farnese House visits Conrad, he thanks her for all the help and support her family provided. As she speaks about Juliet, Conrad stresses that they would not continue to live under the rule of the Montagues. When she was about to leave, she warns Conrad of the Red Whirlwind, being a dangerous individual.

Juliet awakes from her slumber feeling better, and Cordelia talks to her about the meeting with the same man a top the iris filled place. As she offers to go tell the man that Juliet can’t make it today, Cordelia finds out that the man Juliet is seeing is a noble. Cordelia then warns her that she must not see him again due to complications of her being found out. Romeo, visits the place again, only wait for Juliet.

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That night back at the keep, the Montagues and other nobles party. Montague once again stresses his power over all the people of Neo Verona. Romeo after waiting for too long, arrives late for the party and receives a slap from his father. As everyone leaves after the party, Montague walks down a corridor and finds Mercutio, Montague then requests for Mercutio to inform him if there are problems with Romeo.

Montague continues down the corridor to a door with the Montague and Capulet crests engraved onto it. He opens the door to reveal a glowing tree, he mentions to Escalus that as long as the mother tree is alive, there would be no end to their prosperity.

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The following day, Lancelot distributes rations to the needy people, the Friar comes along and asks where Lancelot gets his food from, and his wife lets slip that the Red Whirlwind helps them. Romeo tries to meet Juliet again to no avail so he visits his mother who has apparently lives in a convent, still he likes to visit his mother as she is the only person who greets him with a smile. As he gives a bunch of irises to her, he mumbles on about Juliet though not specifically, his mother guesses that his is in love with someone.

Back to Lancelot, a patrol group disrupts the ration distribution and arrest him on suspicions that he is in league with the Red Whirlwind. Cordelia consults Conrad on the welfare of Juliet, though Conrad believes once they overthrow the Montagues, Juliet can live freely in peace. Antonio disrupts the conversation asking for Juliet and when he manages to find her, tells her Lancelot’s arrest.

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Juliet now as the Red Whirlwind rushes to rescue Lancelot. After breaking through the prison defenses and finding him, they run to the roof only to be cornered. However, Romeo intervenes the fight, he smells the faint scent of irises and realizes something about the Red Whirlwind. He asks for a sword and battles Juliet, only to tell her that they will escape by falling into the river. The three of them escape immediatly.

The three of them drift to a bridge and as Romeo leaves, Juliet thanks him for rescuing him. Though Lancelot couldn’t believe that Romeo Candorebanto Montague would risk his life and noblility to rescue the Red Whirlwind. Romeo leaves telling them not to let anyone know that he helped them. Juliet on the other hand, realises that she loves Montague’s son, falls to her knees in disbelief.

My Opinons:

Oh dear~ Juliet finds out that Romeo is her sworn family enermy’s son. Not like she would go and kill him out of revenge. Though the rest of her surrogate family would think otherwise. Also what’s with the giant tree (probably under the Keep) Montague visited? It glows, its big and is promptly named ‘The Mother Tree’ =/

And also, I find Romeo very constrained in his family. Even his mother has to leave the Keep to stay out of her husband’s affairs and leaves poor Romeo behind. At least he harbours no grudge towards her and visits her wheneven he can. Such a filial son =A=

On the other hand.. I h8 Montague! You b****rd!


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