Darker than BLACK Episode 4

Episode 4: 新星は東雲の空に煌く…(後編) (A new star shines in the dawn sky (Part 2))

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With the now withered flower Reports of a new star in the sky prompt the police to begin the search of a moratorium. Mao questions Hei about the Mai’s condition while the two men from Myer and Hilton confirm the Tahara’s experiments were a success and proceed on with their plan.

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A very dazed Mai wonders down a street and regains herself momentarily until she discovers that the glowing spot on her wrist has disappeared. In agony, she runs across the street, only to use her powers unknowingly against an oncoming truck. Kirihara is on the phone with her superior who informs her about the illegal dealings done in Myer and Hilton and Tahara’s involvement with them.

She then arrives at the National Astronomical Observatory and her subordinates update her on the activities of the Moratorium. She also visits the main star gazer of the group conveniently name ‘Hoshimi sama’ an old lady with a contraption on her head. Later Kirihara’s friend tells her about the Moratoriums and the mystery that surround them.

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In the area of Nerima, Yuka finds Mai hiding in an alleyway, as she and her father coax her to come along with them. Mai unconsciously sets them on fire and the mediums locate her position. Although the police managed to get to her position, this was changed with the arrival of Luccho.

Tahara broods in his office when Kenneth calls who tells him that they have his daughter and chide him for using his daughter as a guinea pig. As he puts down the phone, Hei comes in, asking what experiments Tahara did to his daughter.

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Tahara then talks about his expedition to Hell’s Gate and found a glowing flower where if the plant were somehow incorporated into the body of a contractor, it would halt their powers. Somehow a twist in fate has lead to Tahara’s daughter being a contractor herself and out of fear of her rejection in society; he decided to experiment on her. Although it was a success, the seeds do not last forever and had to be replaced thus his obsessive care over the flower. Hei leaves disgusted (which I think it’s not really an emotion for Hei), telling Tahara that he’s confessing to the wrong person.

That night, Hei infiltrates the factory where Kenneth and Luke were hiding out, and the gang rushed to his location. Hei fights with Luke for awhile when Kenneth comes out holding Mai hostage, before Hei could do anything, Tahara comes forward.

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Kenneth yells out for Tahara’s research in exchange for his daughter to which he throws down the dead plant and takes Mai who was reluctant to follow him. In her moratorium state and in fear, she starts a fire surrounding the both of them, she cries for her father. Although Tahara tells her that her father was a bad person, he relents when Mai says she still loves her father.

As Tahara takes out a knife to stab the both of them to death, Luke throws a projectile, disabling his arm. Tahara tries to pick up the knife again but is stabbed in the back by another projectile. As Luke laughs, Hei electrocutes him while Mai hears her father’s last words to her, she cries as her father dies.

Mai lays her father down, now in a contractor state kills Kenneth in a blazing inferno despite Hei’s attempts to stop her. After much damage, Mai sings a song to finish her contract. Mao was surprised to find her in a Contractor state instead of Moratorium. Huang then comes in and takes Mai away. Once again, the police are left with a burnt factory and still no traces of BK201 and Mai. However, her star still shines brightly in the night sky.

My Opinions:
Another lovely episode, and I’m glad that Mai didn’t die, though she is now a contractor and is probably under the care for the Organisation. =/ Though I applaud this non Hei centric episode.

will continue later
Now onto episode 5 and the last week of the semester….=A=

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