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Lucky Star Opening Parody!

Surfed about youtube, only to stumble upon a Lucky Star Parody! Well there were others with a male cast and all, but this version is good in my opinion, or rather its close to the original opening… Now that I think about it, it can’t really be a parody now can it?

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Lucky Star Episode 5

Episode 5: 名射手 (Ace shooter)

0501 0502 0503

It’s time for the summer holidays and endless nights of online gaming, with plenty of level ups and rare treasure hunting! Its also the time for Summer Festivals in traditional yukatas~

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Darker than BLACK Episode 5

Episode 5: 災厄の紅き夢は東欧に消えて…(前編) (The Red Dream of Disaster disappears in Eastern Europe (Part 1))

0501 0502 0503

In a European town, Mr. Smith is in a meeting with gang members and he lectures them about the dangers of second hand smoke. When the boss stops his subordinate from smoking, Mr Smith gets down to business, revealing to them a large sum of money only to tell them that he would sell what he paid them to get him.

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Romeo x Juliet Episode 4

Episode 4: 「恥じらい」 Una timida fanciulla ~雨に打たれて~ (「Bashfulness」 One timid Maiden ~Wet by the rain~)

0401 0402 0403

Juliet finally found out the identity of Romeo while rescuing Lancelot from the Carabinieri, unable to comprehend the situation, she falls to her knees as Romeo leaves. Francisco and Curio arrive when they hear the sound of Cielo flying away. Meanwhile, Vittorio receives a message that the Doctor was threatened by the Red Whirlwind from Romeo and was subsequently released.

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