Romeo x Juliet Episode 4

Episode 4: 「恥じらい」 Una timida fanciulla ~雨に打たれて~ (「Bashfulness」 One timid Maiden ~Wet by the rain~)

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Juliet finally found out the identity of Romeo while rescuing Lancelot from the Carabinieri, unable to comprehend the situation, she falls to her knees as Romeo leaves. Francisco and Curio arrive when they hear the sound of Cielo flying away. Meanwhile, Vittorio receives a message that the Doctor was threatened by the Red Whirlwind from Romeo and was subsequently released.

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In a passageway, the priest who ratted on Lancelot was told by the Carabinieri to continue gathering information to ensure the capture of the Red Whirlwind, to which Juliet gets reprimanded by Conrad once again for her recklessness. However, this time Juliet speaks her mind with her unwillingness to murder the Montague family after all those years. But the rest of her surrogate family plan to go ahead with the revolt.

Back at the keep, Benvolio finds Romeo tending to Cielo where they talk about the Red Whirlwind and his role as a justice keeper of the city. However, when Romeo shows displeasure in his father’s actions, Benvolio warns him to keep his opinions to himself. That night, both lovers stare towards the night sky.

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In the city, the Carabinieri continue to arrest people thought to be the Red Whirlwind. With everyone out of the house, Juliet decides to take a walk when she bumps into William who teases her about the troubles of love. She ventures towards her family graveyard where she finds a field of irises and laments about Romeo. As she asks for her parents forgiveness, Romeo and Cielo land nearby.

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Although it pained Juliet to see Romeo, she realises that he wouldn’t know her in her disguise and decided to see him. They talk when Cielo trots towards her and bends down. Romeo then asks Juliet to ride with him as Cielo was attracted to the scent of irises. They fly off towards the grey sky and take in the views of the city. Antonio arrives home to inform Cordelia about the mass arrest of innocent people. As Romeo and Juliet talk about themselves and their families, it begins to rain. Romeo decides to take shelter at a cottage near a lake when Juliet refused to go home.

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With a fire burning, Romeo asks Juliet (as Odin) to dry her clothes when she refuses. Romeo still believes her to be a man as he leaves to dry up Cielo. Juliet takes off her wig and hangs her clothes to dry when Romeo suddenly barges in to find Juliet instead of Odin. A shocked Juliet tripped when she took a step backwards and Romeo rushes in to pull her away from the fire, though his shirt was not so lucky.

The both of them lay on the floor when Juliet realises that Romeo is on top of her. Facing Juliet, Romeo gets on his hands and says her name as the screen fades to black.

My Opinions:

A bittersweet episode. The step towards a tragic love story <3 Juliet refusing to partake in revenge killings though her surrogate family think so other wise and Romeo taking great dislike towards his father way of governing. Though I wonder whether William actually knows about Juliet’s real identity. He sounds so convincing >.> And Cielo…. how I want a Ryuuba niao! XD. Next, Romeo finds out about Juliet, what will happen? The next page of a soap drama about to unravel! *gasp*

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