Darker than BLACK Episode 5

Episode 5: 災厄の紅き夢は東欧に消えて…(前編) (The Red Dream of Disaster disappears in Eastern Europe (Part 1))

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In a European town, Mr. Smith is in a meeting with gang members and he lectures them about the dangers of second hand smoke. When the boss stops his subordinate from smoking, Mr Smith gets down to business, revealing to them a large sum of money only to tell them that he would sell what he paid them to get him.

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When they heard that, the boss decided not go ahead with the deal as well as take the money. With that Mr. Smith attacks them with is contractor powers, killing the 2 subordinates by freezing them. As the boss runs out of the cafe, he finds another contractor and their doll on a bridge. She uses her powers to drench him in water and Mr. Smith theatens the boss to reveal the location before killing him.

As they cross the bridge, they remunerate by smoking (for Mr. Smith) and drinking a whole can of beer (for the lady) though Mr. Smith clearly does not take a liking to it. The trio proceed to the place stated by the dead man, and find a red haired woman on a bed. After telling her that she will be coming with them, the trio reveal their names to be April (the lady), July (the Kid) and November 11 (Mr. Smith) and they work for the MI6.

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The woman is flown to Japan, under the supervision of the National Police Agency Foreign Affairs 4th Division, where her name is known to be Havoc. She was involved in the Heaven’s War with the CIA which resulted in the death of a few thousand people with her power to create a vacuum, though she has somewhat lost her powers due to that incident. A man then tells her that Havoc will be with the UN organization Pandora involving experiments in Hell’s Gate.

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The MI6 and the National Police Agency were in their cars when Kirihara questions the MI6 motives and their reasoning for not keeping Havoc for themselves. November then receives a call and at the same time Kirihara gets a call from Kouno, where he tells her that a group plans to intercept the helicopter with Havoc in it overheard from April.

Kirihara demands the cars to be stopped and demands explanation. November states that the CIA plan to take her back but have taken precautions for any cases of leaked information, he also points out that Havoc is a luggage in the boot of their car.

The group decide to proceed to Pandora’s office without creating a commotion, but were intercepted by Hei and his team. As a train pass by them, Hei appears in front of them confronting November and Havoc murmers The Black Death. April steps out of the other car and summons a storm cloud when Kirihara realises that the MI6 team are contractors. Hei diverts November’s attention while Huang tosses sleeping gas at them and takes Havoc.

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When Kirikara awakes, she apologizes for her mistakes and finds out from the supervisor from Pandora that there were two seperate leaks of information. He then tells her to work with the MI6 to get Havoc back. The astrological department also alerts them that the man who intercepted them was BK201. Kirihara confronts November 11 about the incident and he admits that the precautions taken were not enough.  July then reports a place at Shinjuku, Torinozawa.

Huang reports back to the organization, and together with Mao, find out from Yin that Hei had taken Havoc away. Meanwhile, Hei stands infront of a bound Havoc and says her name Carmine. He then demands Carmine to tell him the events at Heaven’s Gate and the whearabouts of his sister Bai.

My Opinions:

Took a long while on the opening, showing that all organizations use contractors in some form for their own agendas. Maybe except the police in Japan… well they do use dolls in the astrological department. But that is not the case. I’m surprised that they added in another type of contractor where they lose their powers and are able to try living a normal life. Though its rare to find a woman of bright red hair yes? I wonder what her remuneration was though, probably something interesting, =P. And we also find out that Hei has a sister Bai (though the subs say Pai)! She’s probably the girl who was seen in the first episode standing in the water. Can’t wait for the next episode!

PS: I havn’t been able to update for so long , but I’ll try to get back on track! Thanks for all who waited again!

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