Lucky Star Episode 5

Episode 5: 名射手 (Ace shooter)

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It’s time for the summer holidays and endless nights of online gaming, with plenty of level ups and rare treasure hunting! Its also the time for Summer Festivals in traditional yukatas~

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The girls meet up at a festival in their summer wear, with Konata sporting a Konata dad styled Obi.

This is also the introduction of Konata’s cousin Narumi Yui. A police woman of the Saitama Prefectural Police Department. Good with firing a pistol, but not with a toy rifle.

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My dear Konata, there is no way you can win a stall holder by shooting him. And if anyone is interested in Blue Hawaii, there’s this Elvis movie and a flavour of Ramune. Money matters are also no fun, not when you realise that you have spent a lot at a festival and or Comiket.

Yuri moments with my Hiiragi twins? NEVER =O

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Sadly, there is no romance among our lovely characters (except Narumi of course)! Not given the opportunity to explain her relationship status.

Now, its back to normal life and summer homework and along with another bout of MMORPGs!

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Homework is never fun, even when doing it with someone who knows her stuff. Cousin Yui visits Konata too, but never ask a police woman to help with your homework.

Finally, RARE ITEM GET! Konata gets lucky! *ignores homework now*

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Lucky Channel > MMORPGS are not Shiraishi’s forte and Akira’s advise is also not advisable to listen to. More verbal abuse galore!

Karaoke Ending song of the episode > チャラ・ヘッチャラ (Cha-La Head-Cha-La) Opening of Dragon Ball Z

My Opinion:

I’ve always wanted to visit a summer festival! Too bad I only get to see them in anime *shrugs* Also doing summer homework during my secondary school days were horrible. Not that I didn’t do them… my chinese holiday hmwk were always left to the last minute… can never be stuffed to do them =/, which gets me lots of scolding from my chinese teacher. And I like talking to a rotating fan stand, its fun~ Kagami…. you should learn to do more of these kinds of things! tsk tsk!

I’ve finally gained the Fomalhaut for Balthier! w00t

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