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Genshiken and Suzumiya together?? 信じられません!!


One of the best crossovers that would happen EVER! Maybe except the Sasahara and Kosaka cosplaying as Kyon and Itsuki respectively par, the doujin Ogiue is holding made me LOL… And with her cosplaying as Yuki?? 8D

信じられません (shinjiraremasen): unbelievable


Genshiken OVA Episode 14

Episode 14: 私はオタク星人 (I’m from the Planet Otaku)

01 02 03

Saki and Ogiue meet up, only for Ogiue to be under the mercy of Saki’s critism on her choice of clothing. Where Saki thinks that otakus don’t take much consideration in their dressing style. Although Ogiue did try to change some of her image (contacts and hairstyle), she still looks like an otaku to Saki. Madarame appears but ignores the both of them resulting in Saki arguing with him about ignoring her.

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Genshiken OVA Episode 13

01 02 03

Title: Genshiken ‘The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture’ (げんしけん ‘現代視覚文化研究会’)

Creators: Kio Shimoku, Ajia-do

Main Website:

Episode Thirteen: オタクが嫌いな荻上です (I’m the Otaku-Hating Oguire)

Opening Theme: 青春として (Seishun to Shite) by manzo

Ending Theme: びいだま (Biidama) by Atsumi Saori

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