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Taiko no Tatsujin! Hare Hare Yukai!

Sort of related to Lucky Star Episode 2

Taiko no Tatsujin ver.7 PS2 version! Hare Hare Yukai FTW!


PS: Anime2Manga is looking for staff to help them with their blog.

As Webmaster Darren says:

“Anyway, I’ll be giving away free webhosting to staff plus and email addresses. The authors who will post articles at Anime 2 Manga will also get full credit for their articles and they can somehow use their articles to promote their websites. You see, the articles posted by the staff will be published along with their profile where they can place links to their websites.

Details about the webhosting and other rewards can be found at the site I created specifically for this recruitment project,

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Genshiken and Suzumiya together?? 信じられません!!


One of the best crossovers that would happen EVER! Maybe except the Sasahara and Kosaka cosplaying as Kyon and Itsuki respectively par, the doujin Ogiue is holding made me LOL… And with her cosplaying as Yuki?? 8D

信じられません (shinjiraremasen): unbelievable


Who ate my smoked cheese?


After spending your morning watching a DVD on cheese and how its made, you should wonder…

Where IS my smoked cheese??

Image and translation by anonymous in the SOS-Dan Image Board


When Hello Kitty meets Warhammer 40K

What happened to my kitty?

I love Hello Kitty and all, with that big red box on her left ear, knowing that she is shorter than me, has much more of a fashion sense and travels about the world more times than my life (and budget) can ever imagine doing. Though seeing her in a hard shiny metal suit of armor, getting ready for the greatest war ever known makes me think… Heck they should do that sort of thing, I’m bored with her ribbon. She needs an eye patch! And to think, my brother has that particular box, only that the space marines on it were blue. Now if only I can find that box so that I can go paint the minatures….

My friend almost died looking at that. But hey, who wouldn’t want to see an epic war between Hello Kitty and Keroppi?

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My blog is done, however due to the arrival of Chinese New Year, I won’t be able to blog anything substantial for the time being… >.> So please bear with me until I can get back to normal life. Thank you very much for reading this! XD

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