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Romeo x Juliet Episode 4

Episode 4: 「恥じらい」 Una timida fanciulla ~雨に打たれて~ (「Bashfulness」 One timid Maiden ~Wet by the rain~)

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Juliet finally found out the identity of Romeo while rescuing Lancelot from the Carabinieri, unable to comprehend the situation, she falls to her knees as Romeo leaves. Francisco and Curio arrive when they hear the sound of Cielo flying away. Meanwhile, Vittorio receives a message that the Doctor was threatened by the Red Whirlwind from Romeo and was subsequently released.

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Romeo x Juliet Episode 3

Episode 3: 「恋心」 Attrazione  ~残酷な悪戯~ (「The Dawn of Love」 Attraction ~Cruel Mischief~)

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As it continues to rain, Conrad tells the fall of the Capulet Family at the hands of the Montague family and the plot to overthrown them. He then hands a heirloom to her, a memento of her father. As she draws out the sword, the memories of her childhood return to her, she faints from the shock.

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Romeo x Juliet Episode 2

Episode 2: 「約束」 Il segreto ~思い出の香り~ (「Promise」 The Secret ~The Fragrance in My Memories~)

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Continuing from Episode 1, Romeo meets Juliet for the first time and instantly falls head over heels for her. When questioned about her favourite flower, Juliet replies she loves irises. However, before Romeo could ask for her name, Benvolio calls for him and Juliet uses the chance to run away. Although Juliet had trouble with the guards while leaving, Francisco arrives in the nick of time with the Farnese family crest (William’s mother’s family crest).
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Romeo x Juliet Episode 1

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Title: Romeo x Juliet (ロミオ×ジュリエット)

Creators: William Shakespeare (Playwright of Romeo and Juliet) and Gonzo

Main Website:

Episode 1: 「ふたり」 Destino ~出会わなければ~ (「Two of Us」 Destiny ~If we didn’t meet~)

Opening Theme: 祈り~You Raise Me Up~ (Inori~You Raise Me Up~) by Lena Park

Ending Theme: サイクロン (Cyclone) by 12012

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